Wednesday, October 1, 2014


It seems this time of year pulls us inside ourselves. We reflect. We reminisce. We welcome the sweet slowing of time.
Things seem softer now, fringed in bittersweet. We grow mellow and sad and dreamy as the season changes colors beyond our window. Our senses are stirred with warm colors of lemon and pumpkin and ruby. Of rusty trees and turquoise skies and stars as bright as glitter. 
We breathe in the scent of leaves burning in damp piles, cinnamon baking in plump, home made cookies, the spice of sassafras and straw and and cider...
We welcome textures like flannel and wool...bring out the chenille throws and cotton soft blankets. And those favorite furry slippers that have seen better days.
We savor flavors like caramel and apple and merlot. Like cheesy chili and thick, rich chocolate, hazelnut coffee and crusty pies dripping with honeyed fruit.
These are days when we grow closer to nature. To our God. To the importance of family and friendships. To the things that are truly important in laughter, love, memories...
May your October be bright with golden sunlight, lavender shadows in the cool evenings, moonlit nights of velvety skies ...and bursting with huge, wonderful dreams.
It's up to you to embrace its beauty.


  1. I posted earlier but it disappeared when I hit the publish button. Maybe you have the approval button? Your post is wonderful and it stirred so many fall time memories for me when the family was all together. Thanks for bringing those memories back to me. Hugs, Gail

    1. Thank you for visiting, Gail. I appreciate it! I've neglected my writing for so long so I thought I'd start practicing again! Hope I can stay current! Hugs!

  2. Well....oops, maybe I will have another cup of coffee and then try to post a! I am so very impressed as always, Rae...Thanks for letting us see your thoughts in writing...Huggles...

  3. Sorry the comment section is acting up! I'll check my settings and try to fix. Thanks so much fir stopping by! Miss you, sweet friend!