Friday, November 7, 2014

Little Yellow Dresses

Years ago, when I was a new mother, I rarely had an opportunity to shop for my baby girl. Hand-me-downs, yard sale onesies, and shower gifts made up the wardrobe that I tucked neatly into a white chest of drawers. 
But one special present I received was a beautiful yellow dress. It had sweet appliqu├ęd  daisies on the hem and a thin gauzy overlay like a silky apron. It was a fancy dress and not an everyday outfit. So I hung it carefully on a little hanger, put it in the closet, and waited for the right occasion.

Once in awhile I would run my hands along the daisies when I reached in for my jacket or a pair of shoes. I smiled and imagined how beautiful my baby would look in it...the yellow against her pink baby skin and sprouting curls.

But time passed. And my baby grew.
And the dress hung on the little hanger until it was too small and too late to ever see her wear it.

I thought I learned my lesson those long years ago. But I didn't.

There were always good dishes I was afraid to use. They might get broken. 
A crystal gravy boat I hid away in the top cabinet, because it was too pretty to set out.
A scented candle I saved, tablecloths never spread for dinner, a bottle of cologne that eventually lost its perfume, and nice towels I saved for company.

I was always looking to the future to when I might need these things. I was saving them. Sadly to a time that might not ever come.

Somewhere in the attic of the barn is that gravy boat. And I swear when I get my house, it will be set out at every meal that includes gravy. 
And the good dishes will be brought out even for grilled cheese or hot dogs. Who cares if one breaks? Why not enjoy it?

There are nice towels in a cardboard box waiting to be washed and used for the first time. Can't wait. I'm gonna hang them out and use them myself. If they become raggy and thin...well, I'll just buy some more.

The candles, perfume , tablecloths and other treasures are all things I wish I had now. But until I have room to utilize them, they will have to continue to be stored away. Having to wait has made me appreciate them more.

 Nothing should ever be saved in anticipation for a better time and place.

I've learned you have to grab all the good things in life... use them ,enjoy them..wear them out! 
Because things don't last forever.

Just like little yellow dresses...

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