Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Let It Go, Let It Go

These cold January days have made me feel guilty. When I'm sitting on the couch reading, watching TV or clicking through Pinterest, I always have this nagging conscious that says, " You're lazy". 
I look around to see the origin of the voice. Was it the dirty dishes in the sink? The soap scum in the shower? The stack of papers I still haven't sorted through? The supper I need to plan? They all add to the guilt.
Usually I silence them. Unless it's a giant loud voice like cleaning the garage, waxing the truck, or clearing the woods.( I shut those voices out as long as possible.)
But washing those dishes and throwing away junk mail doesn't take long. Thawing out some chicken breasts and setting aside a couple of nice potatoes takes only minutes. A few quick sprays and wipes will get the bathroom decent enough for a few days. 
I find that takes care of the guilt for awhile.
Even so, I sometimes take pause in the mornings. I'm on my iPad, husband is on his computer. We share a pot of coffee. I make eggs and toast. We rarely speak. We stay in our pajamas and watch old movies. We stoke the fire and return to our chairs where we curl up and surf the web. We YouTube. We Facebook. We email and blog and read.
Is this really laziness? Or is this life?
Is there anything wrong with doing what is comfortable? Have we not earned the right to wear pajamas all day, nap in the mid afternoon, stay up till after midnight to watch reruns of King of Queens? Who is to say it's not right to close the curtains and play xBox, dream over home design magazines all day and eat salt and vinegar chips at 9 am? 
Come summer, it's a different story. We eat an early and quick breakfast and we start a project. It might be planting a garden or mowing the yard or building our barn. It could involve cutting trees or painting trim or weed-eating brush. We move logs, plant flowers and sweep the porches.
Sometimes we work so late that it's dark outside before we slip in the house and eat supper. By then we are usually tired, dirty, hot and hungry. But our day was full and chores were finished. Amazing how hard work can make you feel so good! I decided to let it go. Ignore the guilt and live my life. 
It fits us well.

Vinegar chips, anyone?


  1. So mean to tell me once I finally get my 23 and a half year old out of the house, it's still gonna be a pigsty?


  2. I enjoyed this read Rae. It spoke to my heart. In this stage of my life I really do enjoy sitting in my easy chair reading my kindle or watching some silly TV show. I have caught myself hurrying to the kitchen to clean up my breakfast dishes before hub gets home from the capitol. Makes me feel like my mom is watching and shaking her finger at me in disgust. But I enjoy this part of my life and that is the way I choose to live it!! Hugs, Gail